The 10 day Cheat Sheet

you-alone-we-worshipIn last nights “Deconstruction of the Heart” webinar, we spoke about worshiping Allah in the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah.    Below is a summary or “cheat sheet” of the points we covered.  Oh and if you would like to listen to last nights session, you can download it HERE.

1.  ANY good deed (e.g. fasting, making dua, feeding the poor, charity, reciting…

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New Webinar Series: Sailing to Allah

seeking-knowledgeAs we swim through our busy work days, it is nice to be able to take a break and have our hearts sail to Allah. In this new webinar series, Sailing to Allah: An Explanation of Ibn Rajab’s Collections, we will be looking at the Prophetic Hadith collections of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali and his deeply spiritual explanations of each.

Spiritual Guide / Instructor: Fahad Tasleem

When: Thursday, 12pm CST

This free webinar is open to all, but is limited to only 100 participants due to the Go To Webinar restrictions, so register ASAP using the following link:

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Is Homosexuality forbidden in Islam?

depression1“Is homosexuality forbidden in your religion?”, asked the audience member, who by my estimation was asking for very personal reasons.    The question was asked during a presentation on Islam I was doing for the students of the UT Austin Summer Arabic intensive.

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3 Khutbah “tips” that are wrong.


1.   ALWAYS state the subject of your khutbah when you start

2.  NEVER write your khutbah at the last minute.

3.  ALWAYS give the audience an action point that they can implement in their lives

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