Never consider yourself incapable.

- Prophetic Tradition

How do you become The Ideal Muslim?

By balancing your life.

Our mission here at DC Seminary is to help you achieve that balance in the various facets of life: Professional, Spiritual, Family, Financial, Physical…

The programs you will find here are uniquely designed for the busy professional, the budding college student, the stay at home parent or anyone looking to improve themselves and their connection with their Creator.

DC Seminary offers programs that tackle topics like achieving spirituality even though you are busy (The Islam for Working Professionals Program), increasing your children’s emaan (The Quantum Chronicles, A Year with the Prophet (sws)), improving one’s discipline in spiritual practices and physical fitness (12 Week Ideal Muslim Transformation) and much more.

If you are ready to start a new, balanced and positive life, check out our programs.

Our Programs

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Spirituality Programs

The Islam for Working Professionals Program

Quranic Salvation



Quran & Islamic Studies Programs

The Qur’an in 30

The Islam Commuters Program

Qur’anic Salvation

Physical & Spiritual Fitness

12 Week  Transformation

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